Stamen is an award-winning design and product development-focused agency based in San Francisco, CA with particular expertise in communicating with data. Over the agency’s 20 year history, our work has had a significant impact in the fields of interactive mapping and data visualization. We are  looking to enhance our team and network of contract technologists with talented individuals who stand out in the fields of cartography, GIS, design technology, and interactive software development. 

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Stamen is lucky; we get to work on a wide variety of interesting projects for clients all over the world and across industries. We are committed to maintaining a constant state of learning, both about our professional disciplines and about the world. We want to continue to work with people who know a lot—and are excited to learn even more. 

As a Stamen, most of the time you’ll be working as a member of a small project team(s) composed of designers, engineers, cartographic experts, product developers, and program directors—always working in the service of our clients to help them manifest their aspirations.

About you

You're able to work well with multiple inputs from a variety of sources: creative direction, technical direction, production expediency, and client feedback. You're friendly and courteous, good at finding ways to have fun under the pressure of deadlines, ready to sell your approach but also OK with our clients having the final say.


  • Design and develop interactive maps for a variety of use cases, spanning consumer products, business tools, and purely artistic work
  • Collaborate in small-team environments with designers, program directors, cartographic professionals, and other developers in the pursuit of said work


Skills and Experience


  • Demonstrable experience designing and creating interactive maps and spatially-oriented experiences
  • Adept and strong with both verbal and text-based communication (vc, slack, email software collaboration tools, etc)
  • Ability to manage one’s own work across more than one project at a time. While we appreciate and value the benefits of focus, agency work often requires working for multiple clients at the same time.
  • We are specifically hoping to find someone who's worked on designing maps for a first-person / nav oriented view as opposed to a god's eye view. First-person game designers might be as relevant / beneficial here as trained cartographers.



  • Expert knowledge of modern GIS platforms and technologies, especially open-source tools like QGIS, PostGIS, and GDAL/OGR
  • Expert knowledge of web mapping tools including vector and raster map tiles, and libraries such as Leaflet and OpenLayers.
  • Expert knowledge of one or more web mapping platforms such as Mapbox, CARTO, Google Maps API, ArcGIS API, etc.
  • Experience working with OpenStreetMap data.



  • Strong understanding of mapping and data visualization with D3.js
  • Understanding of Javascript, CSS, and HTML 5
  • Experience with React, JQuery, and Node.js
  • Comfort using UNIX command line tools
  • Know what the best thing is to be doing at any given moment or to ask if you’re unsure
  • San Francisco-proximate desirable but not at all required. The main thing is that you can work with a team that operates on Pacific Time. 

It would also be nice if you

  • Have worked in client-driven environments / agency-side environments
  • Have experience contributing to open source projects
  • Have opinions about map projections
  • Have experience designing static maps in Illustrator or Inkscape (but to be honest it’s rare that we’re called upon to do print cartography)


Tangible benefits

  • Work with a group of talented people for whom designing maps and data visualization is a passion as well as a career
  • Get paid to create new and often innovative things
  • Stamen is not a tech startup and there are no tech bros here


Our Culture

Conveniently located light-filled Mission District studio … which is currently closed. In the meantime, we are an energetic online team, working across timezones and continents

To apply, email with a cover letter and links to your portfolio, GitHub account, and anything else that will show us your relevant work.