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Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett

Design Technologist

Steve Bennett is a front-end web developer who specializes in Mapbox-GL-JS and vector tiles. With degrees in software engineering and humanities, he has long been interested in using software to communicate data about the world.

Steve got into web mapping through a passion for open data (first, research data, later government) and heavy participation in OpenStreetMap. It was a desire to make a map of his friends’ cycle touring exploits with Mapbox’s TileMill that really lit the fire. That led to a career building dozens of mapping sites with Leaflet, OpenLayers, Cesium and especially Mapbox-GL-JS.

He’s amassed a deep knowledge of the tools, standards and services that define modern web mapping, writing the Wikipedia articles on Vector tiles and Web Mercator, and answering hundreds of Mapbox-GL-JS questions on StackOverflow in the process. He thrives on quick prototypes, quick-and-dirty explorations and finding creative ways to visualize or interact with data.

His notable side projects include a massive explorable database of urban trees, a silly, snarky and out-of-date Hipster Map of Melbourne, and the Open Council Data Standards, which help local governments release open data in the most useful format.

His full portfolio is online and he occasionally blogs at

Steve Bennett