We are a data visualization and
cartography studio with over 20
years of experience helping people
create novel and sophisticated
data products.

What we’re about

design by doing

Our ability to find and illuminate the story in the data is central to how we work, and it’s what makes us unique. We design from data, and not the other way around.

customizing our approach

There is no “one size fits all” project for Stamen. Our small size means we take a highly personalized approach, emphasizing collaboration and flexibility with our clients.

being full-stack humans

We’ve got depth, and we’ve got breadth. We love tackling big, thorny and complicated projects, and we love to learn new things.

doing good with data

We exist to make data insightful and actionable. And we’re quite serious about our work having a positive impact in our communities and in the world.

Our Team

We are not your typical data visualization designers, analysts, and engineers.

We are creative technologists, strategic designers, artists and data storytellers who think beyond the expected. We value transparency, curiosity, and joy as much as we do impact, insight, and damn good design.

Meet our team ➤

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