We are always looking to enhance our team and network of contract technologists and designers with talented individuals who stand out in the fields of cartography, GIS, design technology, and interactive software development. If you are an interactive developer or designer who is excited about the intersection of design and technology - we’d love to hear from you, even if there isn’t an open role that feels like an exact fit. Shoot us an email at with a cover letter and links to your portfolio, github account, or anything else you’d like to show us.

Open Positions


About you

You’re a digital generalist, someone who’s as comfortable designing an interface for an insurance company as choosing colors to communicate about changing bird habitat ranges due to climate change. You are a self-starter, good collaborator, professional hard worker with a great eye & great attitude. You are very comfortable presenting work to clients and with juggling multiple competing priorities. You are eager to design and deliver functional, engaging, user-centered interfaces, experiences, and products.


• Create interface sketches, wireframes, and prototypes (both static and dynamic) that communicate clearly with client and rest of team
• Design data visualizations that communicate clearly, tell the appropriate story, and are graphically compelling
• Work with data artists and others in concept development, data and content investigation, and drawing out key messages, stories and themes
• Define personas and use cases, perform user research interviews and user testing where applicable
• Execute responsive design systems that are tailored to complex data interactions and exploration
• Work closely with design technologists during final implementation to ensure vision and design standards are met

Skills and Experience

• Demonstrated experience designing useful and engaging interfaces
• Skilled with your toolset—whether Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Zeppelin, etc.—you make it get the job done
• Well-versed in designing across platforms and devices
• Willingness to immerse yourself in unfamiliar data, bringing fresh eyes and a beginner’s mind to learning about the complex and nuanced communication goals our clients face

To apply, email your resume to with a cover letter and links to your portfolio, GitHub account, and anything else that will show us your work live on the Internet. We are evaluating candidates for both contract (project-specific) relationships and potential full time employment.

Design Technologist


UX Engineer, Data Visualizer, Design Technologist – whatever you want to call it, Stamen is looking for creative developers with opinions that they can bring to bear on client’s problems. Work will range from polished applications to purely generative, exploratory exercises. It can look like: refining visual forms and interactions, often in geospatial contexts; devising malleable, mobile-friendly modes of same; or purely ideative work that results in multiple story-boarded experiences; or prototypical, data driven application interfaces that provide new insights or utility. Sometimes it looks like all of the above for the same client, or for multiple clients simultaneously.

About you

You’re able to work well with inputs from a variety of sources: creative direction, technical direction, production expediency, and client feedback. You’re friendly and courteous, good at finding ways to have fun under the pressure of deadlines, ready to sell your approach but also OK with our clients having the final say.


• Meet with clients to ascertain needs, evaluate scope, and provide estimation and guidance
• Design and develop interactive data visualizations, maps, and other creative projects for a variety of use cases, spanning consumer products, business tools, and purely artistic work
• Collaborate in small-team environments with designers, cartographers and other developers in the pursuit of said work.
• Work with the client to define requirements, create prototypes, & develop user stories.
• Design, develop, test, iterate, and refine application code.
• Contribute to technical documentation including verbose code & repository comments, user manuals, and training materials

Essential skills

• Expert understanding of Javascript and modern web frameworks such as React and Vue
• Strong understanding of data visualization theory and implementation with Dffi3 or related libraries
• Comfortable using Git and GitHub
• Adept and strong with verbal and text-based communication
• Know what the best thing is to be doing at any given moment or to ask if you’re unsure
• Passionate about learning and growing
• Value the experience of helping customers/clients realize their goals through the application of your creative technology skills
• Ability to manage one’s own work across more than one project at a time. While we appreciate and value the benefits of focus, agency work often requires working for multiple clients at the same time.

It would also be nice if you have

• Demonstrable experience designing and creating interactive maps and spatially-oriented experiences (GIS systems experience).
• Familiarity with deploying servers and managing diverse datasets using cloud-based services such as AWS or similar
• Knowledge of common statistical techniques for exploring and understanding new and unfamiliar datasets, including some experience with data science tools such as R or Pandas.
• Have worked in client-driven environments / agency-side environments
• Have experience contributing to open source projects
• Have opinions about map projections

To apply, email with a cover letter and links to your portfolio, GitHub account, and anything else that will show us your relevant work. Stamen is committed to maintaining a diverse, inclusive and welcoming work environment.