Interactive Maps

We specialize in creative, evocative and highly bespoke map design and development. With a team of talented cartographers on staff, we are here to help find the best interactive map form for your data story. We’ve developed everything from simple maps to complex and groundbreaking spatial visualizations.

Our clients are arts organizations, giant corporations, tiny startups, healthcare clients, nonprofits, and government agencies. We pride ourselves on tailoring our approach and designs to our individual clients, So what you get is uniquely yours.

Here are a few examples of our unique approach to interactive maps:

Audubon Society: Survival By Degrees

Exploring the impact of global warming on North American birds

This interactive report maps the vulnerability of different bird populations in North America across three climate change scenarios. Also included in the visualization are climate-related threats such as fire weather, heavy rain, and urbanization, which are exacerbated by climate change and contribute to disruption of bird populations.

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MPG Ranch Maps

Tools for land restoration strategies & environmental science in Montana

Over the course of our partnership with MPG ranch, a 15,000 acre property in Montana focused on habitat restoration and ecological research, we have created and matured bespoke conservation science tools for the organization leveraging both shared infrastructure and standalone technology to realize different facets of their platform.

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UCSF Health Atlas

Exploring how environment influences health in California

The Health Atlas was designed with health researchers, policy makers, and community advocates in mind to allow exploration of over a hundred social determinants of health and health metrics across the state at the census tract and county levels. This tool helps researchers explore and gain new insight into how our environment influences our health at a local level across California.

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American Panorama

Visualizing American history with data and maps

American Panorama brings a great work of US historical scholarship into the 21st century and is a major piece of digital scholarship by the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond. For this project we made four interactive maps to tell compelling stories about various facets of American history – overland trails, foreign-born populations, forced migration of enslaved Americans, and canals.

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Looking for non-spatial data visualization? Find some of our favorite custom data visualization projects here. You can also view additional projects on our work page.

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