Designing with Geospatial Data on the Web


This 4 hour workshop will give you a solid foundation in web map design principles, with an emphasis on styling geospatial data as part of a data visualization interface. We will learn about the main considerations when communicating data geographically, and have hands-on experience styling your own maps in Javascript using d3.js and Leaflet. At the end of the day you should feel confident that you can put communicate your geographic data clearly and beautifully using your own web-based map. This workshop will take place on May 28th, 2017.

What will be covered

  • General cartographic principles applied to geospatial dataviz
    • Choosing between d3.js and Leaflet
    • Basemap vs data layers, rasters vs vectors

    • Choosing off-the-shelf basemaps vs creating your own

    • Or do you even need a basemap?

  • Map projections
    • What are they? Why do they matter?

    • In d3.js: how to use map projections

    • In Leaflet: how to lie to Leaflet to get projections other than Mercator

  • Map scale and generalization
    • How much detail does your map need?

    • What are the pros and cons of generalizing your shapes?

  • Data classification and symbology
  • Labeling
  • Color

What won't be covered


  • Basic programming/data literacy (familiar with CSS)


This class will take place on May 28th, 2017. A single class is $500. If you are interested in taking both of our classes you can receive a discounted rate at $850 for both.


Our workshops are designed to include a balance of new information and hands-on learning. We believe well designed exercises done in the company of other enthusiastic participants can accelerate your learning greatly. We curate these workshops so that each 10-15 student event is attended by people with similar skills and motivation.


Alan McConchie works at the intersection of cartography, software, and data science. He loves making cartographic visualizations that reveal new ways of seeing the world, and is passionate about creating tools that help people create their own maps and tell their own spatial stories. At Stamen, he co-founded Maptime, a series of beginner-focussed meetups for teaching about open source map-making. Alan currently sits on Maptime's board of directors, which supports over 70 local chapters around the world. More about Alan.

Eric Rodenbeck founded data visualization design studio Stamen, where he is Creative Director and CEO. The company’s high bar for elegant, data-driven design has brought many brilliant data artists, designers and technologists through its doors. The studio’s pioneering work in the field has inspired countless more. More about Eric.

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