Smithsonian Museum awards Stamen Design top national honor for lasting achievement in American design

We are proud to announce that Stamen has been honored with the 2017 National Design Award in Interaction Design. Bestowed by the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, the award celebrates outstanding achievement in design through excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life.

Over the sixteen years of our company’s history, our team has sought to help transform the field of data visualization from a highly technical set of tasks and tools into a broadly public field of discourse, inquiry and beauty. We believe strongly that increasing literacy around data visualization is vital for a healthy conversation about what it means to be human in these technological times, and we build and design platforms for new meaning and understanding to help navigate these fast-changing data landscapes.

Stamen began in a small office in San Francisco’s Mission District in 2001. Today, our team works across four American offices to marry the technological with the humanistic, softening the edges of high-tech with relatable entry-points that make data relevant, accessible and desirable.

Launched by the White House in 2000, the National Design Award was created to celebrate design as a vital humanistic tool in shaping the world. National Design Award winners are chosen by an independent jury of prominent experts in the field, based on criteria including: originality in solving problems, significantly broadening the conventions of their discipline, introducing formal innovation, and exhibiting consistently high levels of imagination and insight. They also weigh how each nominee’s achievements have benefited the general public. The Interaction Design award is bestowed for exceptional and exemplary work in the design of interactive digital products, environments, systems and services.

We are humbled and thrilled to be among the recipients of this award.

We want to thank our incredible staff for their brilliant and tireless dedication to the craft of design and data visualization:

Alan McConchie Lead Cartographer

Alec Burch Designer

Andrew Wong Design Technologist

Emily Hobson Project Director

Eric Rodenbeck Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Jim Stanley General Manager

Jon Christensen Partner & Strategic Advisor

Michael Cooper Strategic Advisor & Coach

Nicolette Hayes Lead Designer

Sarah Fateen Studio Manager

Sean Connelley Director of Technology

Vinay Dixit Project Manager

We also extend our heartfelt thanks to all Stamen alumni, who over 16 years provided invaluable contributions to the body of work which is honored by this award.

Aaron Cope

Amanda Willoughby

Ben Cerveny

Beth Schechter

Bill Conneely

Brandon Liu

Camille Teicheira

Chris Henrick

Dan McCarey

Dan Rademacher

Deborah Monaghan

Elissa Stebbins

Eric Brelsford

Eric Gélinas

Eric Socolofsky

Gabriel Dunne

Gavin George

George Oates

Geraldine Sarmiento

Greg Corradini

Heather Grates

Ian Heisters

Ian Johnson

Jeff Easter

Jen Rainin

Julie Delbuck

Kai Chang

Kate Watkins

Lee Granas

Lindsay Irving

Michael Chang

Michael Evans

Michael Neuman

Michal Migurski

Mike Tahani

Nathaniel Kelso

Patrick Dillon

Rachel Binx

Ryan Alexander

Sara Dean

Shawn Allen

Seth Fitzsimmons

Sha Hwang

Tom Carden

Tomas Apodaca

Wenfei Xu

Zach Watson

Zan Armstrong

More information at the award website and press release.