Dropbox came to Stamen with an idea: that work has become too complicated. Much of the new technology that is supposed to make work more efficient has actually made us less productive.

Dropbox wanted to explore this idea — using publicly available data and an editorialized approach — to answer a key question about the modern workplace: How did we get here? The idea was to start a conversation — one that would lead to better tools and better ways of working.

What we made

The story came together in three chapters. “The Productivity Paradox” explores the data behind the thesis that productivity has not maintained parity with technological innovation. “The Complexity Explosion” compares the workplace of 2000 to the workplace of today, with the explosion of apps and devices as the complexifier. “The Endless Workday” describes the impact of this technology on our focus at work and our work/life balance.

The end product is a responsive, engaging illustrated story with supporting data charts that tell the story of fragmented modern digital life.