Google #FreeAndOpen

In 2012 the International Telecommunication Union, a UN body made up of governments around the world, met in Qatar to re-negotiate International Telecommunications Regulations. These meetings were held in private and behind closed doors, which many feel ran counter to the open nature of the internet

In response to this, Google asked people to add their voice in favor of a free and open internet. Those voices were displayed, in as close to real time as we could manage, on an interactive map of the world, designed and built by EnsoBlue State Digital, and us!


Adding your voice was pretty straightforward: the map asked where you were, and if it could find your location, it dropped a circle for you right there. 

Once you've added your voice, you can share it—on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest (which it looks like lots of people already are doing).

The map was localized into 23(!) languages, reflecting the world-wide nature of the campaign. So it looked right in Korean, when and where it needs to.