Hoodline—Castro Vacancies

Hoodline is a site that is quickly becoming a go-to location for really local news in San Francisco. So we were really glad when they asked us to help them tell stories with the amazing data that they’re collecting about the City. Our first public collaboration working with the team at Hoodline helped them crunch the data about retail vacancies in the Castro.

There wasn’t a comprehensive list of vacancies available anywhere. So Hoodline went out and walked the neighborhood, and “defined any Castro property as vacant if we couldn’t walk in the door and purchase a good, service, or experience.”

Hoodline’s taken this one step farther by providing the underlying data for download. With the 2015 study as a baseline, they were able to provide a comparative analysis of what the neighborhood was a few years ago, and what’s in store for the future. We can also take a look at the Castro’s mix of businesses relative to other retain corridors, like the Haight and Valencia Street.

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