How much art are public school students being exposed to? What kinds of arts programs are available to them across a given metropolitan area? The LA County Arts Commission wanted to give Los Angeles County parents and policy makers a way to find out.

What we made

Stamen created an online tool for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission that allows parents of K-12 school children, policy makers, and the general public to understand the scope of arts education throughout LA County public schools. The data in the tool is based on The LA County Arts Education Profile survey, which was administered to all 2,277 public schools in LA County to learn about the quantity, quality and equity of arts education. The study found that nearly every school offers at least some arts instruction, and most schools offer at least two disciplines. At the same time, it found troubling inequities that reflect disparities in the wider society. These disparities, and other aspects of the staggering number of public schools in LA, are available for browsing and analyzing in the interactive map.