Over the course of our partnership with MPG Ranch, a 15,000 acre property in Montana focused on habitat restoration and ecological research, we’ve created and matured bespoke conservation science tools for the organization leveraging both shared infrastructure and standalone technology to realize different facets of their platform.


Seven ospreys and eleven golden eagles are being tracked on a daily basis as they travel from their winter homes in Mexico to their summer homes further north, passing through a ten-thousand-acre ranch in northern Montana that engages in a wide variety of scientific and conservation projects. It’s been great fun to get involved with these birds. When we started the work earlier this year the ospreys were in Mexico, so we got to watch them move north over the duration of the project. And it’s been especially entertaining to watch the live cams in Montana as the birds came home to roost earlier this year.

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Explore live data and media at the ranch (including eBird observations) which provide a window into the biodiversity at the Ranch.

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A dynamic system that helps MPG Ranch scientists communicate about the exciting restoration and other work that they’re doing, using the latest web-friendly tools and techniques.

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