OneBayArea Map

The OneBayArea Travel Map that we worked on with the good people at MIG shows you approximately how far you can get from any point in the Bay Area by car, public transit, bike, or on foot, at particular times of the day. You can filter your view by the travel time between areas, and the median price of homes in each area.

In the first slide this is where you can get from Stamen in the morning, by public transit (Muni and BART), within 30 minutes. On the second slide you see your range is limited much further in the evening however it turns out that you can get a lot further by bike (slide three). Note how the time of day doesn't matter here because bikes aren't limited by transit schedules or traffic congestion. Let's say, though, that you were in the market for a home and wanted to know where you could buy that you could get to work by bike in a half an hour. Filtering out areas with homes averaging $500,000 or less cuts out a large swath of San Francisco (slide four). If you're okay with a 45-minute bike ride, though, there may be a place for you a bit further down the peninsula (slide five).

What if though, you live in the East Bay? Here's where you can get by public transit in 30 minutes in the morning. Note how BART can get you to the Embarcadero or San Leandro more quickly than most of the areas between there and downtown Oakland. If we crank up the travel time to 45 minutes, most of downtown San Francisco and the Mission become accessible.