We designed a new map for Pinterest’s Place Pins that lets you map the things you love, near and far, making the pins more actionable and bringing out the explorer in all of us.

Making a map style for this kind of activity was a fun one. Pinterest loves color and texture and a feeling authenticity, all of which you might find in a paper map. We used rice paper texture, subtle color washes, and a mixture of unicode and hand-drawn fonts to help make the map feel familiar and human-made. We’ve also added some extra touches, like using OSM ids to introduce just a bit of entropy into the angle of all of the place labels to introduce some variety and get away from any hyper-precise default placing.

You can view and create these pins on your desktop or on mobile, when you’re actually out and about exploring. You can also collaborate with friends and family, using it to plan your next vacation or a tour of your favorite architecture.