CrisisReady, a research collaboration between the Harvard Data Science Initiative and Direct Relief, aims to advance data-driven decision making in emergency scenarios. They reached out to Stamen to  work with emergency and disaster response teams globally to provide real-time disaster reports and analysis, thereby increasing situational awareness and preparedness. However, their method of generating reports for their stakeholders was clunky and cumbersome and they wanted a more elegant, intuitive solution for aggregating and analyzing a multitude of highly variegated data sets.

What We Built

We designed and developed a platform, called ReadyMapper to help them streamline this process. The platforms allows a user to analyze real-time data from a variety of sources to glean insights and then quickly customize a report to distribute to decision-makers at the front line.

Customizable reports may be generated in portable document format to provide curated insights that meet specific user needs. Dashboard visualizations can be captured in these reports, filtered by geography, time, and other attributes of interest.


We also thank our wonderful collaborators at Stamen Design, for translating our shared vision so elegantly. Satchit Balsari Co-Director, Crisis Ready