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Forcing Functions: Inside D3.v4 forces and layout transitions

Eric Socolofsky | 11.16.16

…a guide for anyone interested in using D3.v4 forces, and especially those interested in creating their own custom forces and transitions. A recent Stamen project gave me an opportunity to dive into D3.v4’s forceSimulation() — a modularized version of v3’s force layouts with a ton of improvements. This investigation resulted in two new force modules, ready for...

Finding Calm in the Atlas of Emotions

Eric Socolofsky | 07.27.16

Our clients demonstrating the state of Enjoyment known as rejoicing As Nicolette Hayes described in Embracing the Abstract in Data Viz, the Atlas of Emotions required us to think and act creatively to visually describe human emotions. Zan narrated the path to our depiction of emotional states in The Shapes of Emotions, and that leads...