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Working & Designing with Spatial Data

Ian Johnson | 10.13.16

Late this summer, 10 people gathered at Stamen Design’s studios to learn how to design and work with geospatial data on the web. What we set out to do We all set aside 4 hours of a Sunday afternoon to get a hands-on introduction to the leading tools for web based mapping visualization. With a repo full...

An ode to d3.js projections

Ian Johnson | 05.30.16

When it comes to making maps online there are many tools available, but they all have one thing in common: Geographic coordinates go in and a two-dimensional image comes out. Converting from geographic coordinates (longitude,latitude) to pixel coordinates is accomplished via a map projection. Most of the tools made for online map making focus on facilitating the navigation...

d3.js workshops

Ian Johnson | 05.25.16

learning and teaching d3 together Learning d3.js and data visualization is a long and sometimes frustrating journey. First, there is the overwhelming amount of choice. From the tens of thousands of examples, to the hundreds of API functions and millions of ways you can combine them with SVG, Canvas or WebGL. Even if you can chart a course across this vast ocean you may find many icebergs lurking...