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Visualizing Global Population Density with Meta

Katie Kowalsky | 04.13.22

We are thrilled to share a project we’ve been collaborating with the Social Impact Partnerships and Data for Good teams at Meta on to create a new interactive map tool for their High Resolution Settlement Layer (HRSL) Dataset. The explorer is live at and we invite you to explore and play with this phenomenal...

Cartographers Play Video Games: A Review of the Map in Elden Ring

Katie Kowalsky | 03.25.22

Elden Ring has been the buzz of the gaming world since its release in late February. As the latest title by From Software, it’s the studio’s first foray into an open-world role-playing concept for their extremely popular and infamously difficult games (typically referred to as Souls or Soulsborne games from two notable games in their catalog, Dark Souls and Bloodborne). It’s also the first of these games to include a map, which really excites us at a cartographer studio with some avid gamers.