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Merging Offline Edits with the POSM Replay Tool

Seth Fitzsimmons | 08.22.16

Replaying offline changes and merging with OSM Introducing Portable OpenStreetMap outlined the components and basic workflow that POSM incorporates to facilitate the Missing Maps workflow in uncertain environments. This post will cover the philosophical and technical underpinnings of the POSM Replay Tool that allow it to participate as a contributing actor within the OSM ecosystem....

Introducing Portable OpenStreetMap

Seth Fitzsimmons | 07.22.16

For the past several months we’ve been working with SpatialDev and the American Red Cross on a project we’ve been calling Portable OpenStreetMap (POSM). The initial goal was to integrate Field Papers and OpenMapKit to support the workflow used by Missing Maps efforts around the world, which aim to help some of the world’s most...