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Diving into ecosystem data with Berkeley’s Ecoengine and interfaces from Stamen

Stamen Design | 05.05.16

New Tools for Research with UC BerkeleyExplore, Compare, Inspire! Most people know that the University of California at Berkeley is a world-class research university. Some folks have heard of the Hearst Museum of Anthropology. But not so many people know that the university houses seven natural history museums which together hold 12 million specimens that...

Connecting environmental stories worldwide

Stamen Design | 12.15.15

The Earth Journalism Network, a project of Internews, has been working in geo-journalism for years. They stand out as leaders in using geo-spatial info to tell human stories. Because they are part of Internews, these stories cover crucial environmental, climatic, and political topics often for under-represented global voices. And their GeoJournalism team has also created...

On the right trail: Turning error into information helps both parks access and open data

Stamen Design | 12.15.15

When we launched CaliParks.org in February 2015, we also created a custom basemap especially to emphasize parks rather than the city names and highways that dominate most basic online maps. We made sure to pull all the park boundaries and names from the California Protected Areas Database (calands.org). That’s the nation’s most complete set of...

Patrolling Trails in OSM: How to do it (in the weeds, so to speak)

Stamen Design | 12.15.15

In a previous post, I described how we’ve carried out a first foray into trail curation on OpenStreetMap to deal with unauthorized trails appearing on the map. Rather than deleting them, we’ve changed their tags so they’re easily filtered out of the map but still present, so later mappers understand why those paths visible in...

Sea Level Rise: Mapping the future so we can make better choices today

Stamen Design | 12.15.15

Yesterday, we launched critical new work with our longtime partners at Climate Central: Mapping Choices lays out starkly the stakes of carbon emissions over the next several decades. It also shows us a much more sobering picture than is often shown in near-term climate change forecasts. That’s partly because this map isn’t about what will...

Another great year of Stamen fellows!

Stamen Design | 12.15.15

This summer, Stamen and The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts hosted six fellowship projects. This was the second year of the Creative Code fellowships, and the fellows came from all over the United States to work on data visualization projects about the Bay Area. They were put into crash courses in visualization and hardware...

Mind the Map

Stamen Design | 12.15.15

We’re pleased to be featured in the beautiful new “Mind the Map” book.

Rush Limbaugh calls our work with Climate Central…

Stamen Design | 12.15.15

Illustration by Chris Piascik Bohunk? Because, you know, scientists are nerds and computer models so clearly don’t work. We must be doing something right!

You Say Denali

Stamen Design | 12.15.15

Mount McKinley, as of today, is now Denali. It’s an important change, one that honors local indigenous names and draws attention to the very real threat of climate change impacting that part of the world, so we’re glad to see President Obama stepping up to the challenge and calling attention to Alaska as a kind...

Announcing 2015 Creative Code Fellows

Stamen Design | 12.15.15

2015 fellows, from left: Lindsay Irving, Andrew Kleindolph, Jill Hubley, Carlo Urmy, Elaine Laguerta & Steve Pepple. Not shown: Joseph Burg After a very successful first year, the Creative Code Fellowships are back! We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Joseph Burg, Jill Hubley, Lindsay Irving, Andrew Kleindolph, Elaine Laguerta, Steve Pepple, and Carlo Urmy...