National Design Awards : at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design MuseumNational Design Awards : at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

Hear from Eric Rodenbeck

Eric Rodenbeck is the founder and creative director of Stamen Design, which builds beautiful, playful, technically sophisticated projects for clients from Digital Globe to the Dalai Lama to scientists around the country. Uniquely interdisciplinary, his work also intersects with the world of fine art, has been exhibited worldwide & is in the permanent collection of MoMA. Eric writes and speaks frequently about the craft and business of communicating with data.

Upcoming Events

TEDx Bari:
Eric Rodenbeck is often concerned about how people perceive data. In this TEDx talk, he pushes the topic into the future and, borrowing two visually and conceptually stunning examples from his own work, asks the question: how do robots see data?

New Maps Speaker:
Eric Rodenbeck of Stamen Design, American Panorama—A New Atlas of American History

Eyeo 2014:
And Then There Were Twelve – How to (keep) running a successful data visualization and design studio.

TEDx Silicon Valley 2011:
Question Making Interfaces & Exuberant Cartography

Data Visualisation from Data to Discovery: Art Center + Caltech + JPL, 2013:
Communicating Science to the Public

The Gray Area Festival 2015:
How Do We Do Art In A Boom?