Stamen Design collaborated with Earth Genome in efforts to create a data-driven product in support of the Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils. The VACS website showcases an interactive map and supporting data visualizations to allow all audiences to understand the nuance of food investment given climate change and nutritional needs. This collaboration involves the integration of advanced climate models and crop yield data, allowing users to explore how 20+ crops will perform given two different climate change scenarios. The interactive platform not only provides valuable insights into agricultural outcomes but also serves as a powerful tool for researchers, policymakers, and agricultural stakeholders to make informed decisions in the face of evolving climate conditions.

What We Built

Stamen’s role in this project encompasses the design and development of an intuitive and visually impactful interface that facilitates a deeper understanding of the relationship between climate change, crop yields, and soil health. We we also worked carefully to ensure that we respected the integrity of the data and model, so as to avoid any misleading assumptions users could make from the product. The VACS initiative represents a prime example of our dedication to leveraging design and technology for the greater good, by using data storytelling to contribute to the advancement of agricultural knowledge and sustainable practices.