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PLN8 Ep. 7- Ross Thorn & The Realm of Playful Maps

Amira Hankin | 06.09.22

In the “real world” a map is typically used to achieve a very practical goal more efficiently. But what happens when you enter a world in another realm? A world of pretend and imagination, devoid of the constraints of typical cartography? Well then you transcend the confines of practical maps and enter the delightful land...

PLN8 Ep. 2- Catalina Perez & The Art of Explaining Things

Amira Hankin | 01.13.22

While there’s beauty in the act of observing the world, there’s more than a little artistry in the practice of deciphering and communicating it. In this episode, Catalina Perez, information designer and longtime Stamen collaborator, talks about her transition from teacher and architect to interdisciplinary designer and how she's carried her passion for explaining things into crafting visual communications.