PLN8 Ep. 2- Catalina Perez & The Art of Explaining Things

Amira Hankin | 01.13.22

While there’s beauty in the act of observing the world, there’s more than a little artistry in the practice of deciphering and communicating it. In this episode, Catalina Perez, information designer and longtime Stamen collaborator, talks about her transition from teacher and architect to interdisciplinary designer and how she's carried her passion for explaining things into crafting visual communications.

PLN8 Ep. 1- Eric Rodenbeck & Mapping Emotions

Ross Thorn | 12.09.21

Combining scientific research with spiritual illumination is hard work. But when you're presented with an idea for a map of emotions by some of the world's top emotion researchers and the Dalai Lama himself, you rise to the challenge. In our inaugural episode, Stamen founder Eric Rodenbeck discusses the difficulties and breakthroughs of bringing such a task to fruition and his personal and professional journey leading up to the creation of the Atlas of Emotions.

A conversation with Harvard GSD’s Charles Waldheim about Ed Ruscha’s archive at the Getty

Eric Rodenbeck | 05.11.21

Photo: Austin Liu Stamen recently launched a project with the Getty Museum in Los Angeles about the work of Ed Ruscha, who took hundreds of thousands of photographs of Los Angeles Streets from the back of a pickup truck over fifty years. This enormous archive of urban photographs is in the process of being meticulously...

Visualizing Democracy with Berggruen: A Conversation with Dawn Nakagawa

Kelly Morrison | 02.06.20

The Berggruen Institute came to Stamen with the goal of bringing a fascinating global dataset to life: its Governance Index, which offers important insights into what makes a good government. The Index explores the relationship between democratic feedback, government competence, and the provision of public goods as measures of a good government. Over six years...

Survival by Degrees: How We Built It

Kelly Morrison | 01.27.20

Yellow Warbler. Photo: Ben Collier/Audubon Photography Awards Stamen worked with the National Audubon Society to visualize the future of bird species across North America in the face of climate change. Eric Rodenbeck, CEO and creative director of Stamen, sat down to talk with the team to talk about this new work, Survival by Degrees: 389...

Visualizing XYZ data with Alan McConchie, Stephanie May, and Sarah Fortune.

Eric Rodenbeck | 09.20.19

Thanks to Kelly Morrison for her help co-writing this post. Stamen was asked to create six maps using XYZ Studio, a new web app from HERE that allows users to create custom maps from large datasets. We sat down to talk about the process and the product (viewable at with the map makers: Alan...

Visualizing Superdiversity across global cities with the Max Planck Institute

Eric Rodenbeck | 05.28.19

View the project live at Eric Rodenbeck: We’re here with Stamen’s Logan Williams talking about our recent work for the Max Planck institute visualizing super-diversity. What’s the project about? Logan Williams: This was a project initiated by professors at the Max Planck Institute and the University of British Columbia, to show how the nature...

Bay Area Soon: a conversation about the future of birds and climate at YBCA

Eric Rodenbeck | 11.07.18

This conversation is about Stamen’s recent mural for YBCA’s Bay Area Now show. The mural, which is 60 feet long and at the corner of Mission and Third Streets in San Francisco, is about the impact that climate change will have on bird populations in the Golden Gate Recreational Area, just north of San Francisco,...

Talking through Stamen’s Send Me SFMOMA Data Visualization

Eric Rodenbeck | 10.26.18

by Eric Rodenbeck and Keir Winesmith Stamen Design, Send Me SFMOMA data visualization; image courtesy SFMOMA Last June, SFMOMA launched the SMS-based service Send Me SFMOMA. The initiative was conceived as a way to shed light on the museum’s vast collection, only a fraction of which is on view at any given time. Send Me...

Visualizing current and future water technologies with WE&RF

Eric Rodenbeck | 06.20.17

ALEC BURCH: We’ve just launched some new work with WE&RF, the Water Environment and Reuse Foundation. Every two to three years they send out a survey to different water utilities all across the country and across the world. The survey is centered around different types of water technologies that they are using, may use, or...