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What if you could track public health like the weather?

Caroline Carter | 04.03.24

Imagine you’re going out of town this weekend. You check the weather forecast where you’re headed and see clear, sunny days, so you make sure you pack your sunglasses in your bag. Next, you check the public health trends where you’re going and see COVID-19 is high. So, you tuck away your face mask next...

Designing for all audiences: Mapping the future of food

Caroline Carter | 02.29.24

Dealing with the occasional 100-year storm or drought are problems farmers have had to deal with for centuries, but what happens when those weather events become the norm? Climate change will test agriculture practices across the globe in ways humans can’t fully predict. Many country’s harvests are already feeling these effects and will continue to...

Data Hierarchy Best Practices to Elevate Your Data Visualizations

Caroline Carter | 03.02.23

At its very core, data visualization has two main components: representation and interaction.