MoMA's Talk to Me Exhibit

We're pleased to be featured in a second design exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, Talk To Me, curated by Paola Antonelli.

Our team has two pieces in the exhibit: prettymaps, the open data yellow-and-green smorgasbord that we accounced last year, and Walking Papers, the Open Street Map-based project on display for a few more days at the Art Institute of Chicago. We also designed the accompanying website for the exhibit, currently availabile in beta.

Projects on the site are connected in a variety of ways: the curators have categorized the works into objectsmaps, and double entendres, among other things, and numerous projects' curated categorisations overlap. The artists themselves are more or less connected in different ways: Aaron and Mike both work at Stamen, for example, and we have a strong set of interconnected twitter relationships with our friends at Berg and the Really Interesting Group, both with a presence in the show.

We decided to pull all these relationships into a single value: how related is this one project to others in the show, and by how much? And give the viewer the option to adjust how many related projects they wanted to see. Scrolling lets you decide whether you want to focus on the artwork in question, or have the rest of the catalog crowd in.