Trulia, a real estate search, aggregation, and information site asked Stamen to help demonstrate the extent of their huge catalog of U.S. residential properties. Trulia Hindsight was an animated view onto their database, with an eye towards exposing patterns of expansion and development through home construction dates.

Hindsight featured several notable locations around the U.S., from the suburban fields of Plano, Texas to the oceanfront apartments of Miami. Development on the project was punctuated by real estate exploration trips, as we zoomed around the country exploring construction histories of cities, towns, suburbs, and neighborhoods.

Vast records of urban development are a joy to get lost in.

The project featured some of our most information-dense work to-date, and helped to make it most useful and shareable for visitors by supporting continuous permanent links to map views.

We built many projects for Trulia over the years, including an advanced real estate viewing tool and a demonstration of the places people search for after they finish their main search.