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Visualizing Democracy with Berggruen: A Conversation with Dawn Nakagawa

Kelly Morrison | 02.06.20

The Berggruen Institute came to Stamen with the goal of bringing a fascinating global dataset to life: its Governance Index, which offers important insights into what makes a good government. The Index explores the relationship between democratic feedback, government competence, and the provision of public goods as measures of a good government. Over six years...

Survival by Degrees: How We Built It

Kelly Morrison | 01.27.20

Yellow Warbler. Photo: Ben Collier/Audubon Photography Awards Stamen worked with the National Audubon Society to visualize the future of bird species across North America in the face of climate change. Eric Rodenbeck, CEO and creative director of Stamen, sat down to talk with the team to talk about this new work, Survival by Degrees: 389...

Exploring the impact of global warming on North American birds with Audubon

Kelly Morrison | 12.27.19

An article by Robinson Meyer at The Atlantic about this project is available here. North American birds are in trouble. This was the stark message embedded in the National Audubon Society’s climate report, Survival by Degrees: 389 Bird Species on the Brink, which reveals that nearly two-thirds of bird species are imperiled by current climate...

Telling the Dropbox story of “How work became a mess

Kelly Morrison | 10.01.19

View the project live at https://stateofwork.dropbox.com/ Dropbox came to Stamen with an idea: that work has become too complicated. Much of the new technology that is supposed to make work more efficient has actually made us less productive. Dropbox wanted to explore this idea — using publicly available data and an editorialized approach — to answer a key question...