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| 01.10.23

CrisisReady, a research collaboration between the Harvard Data Science Initiative and Direct Relief, aims to advance data-driven decision making in emergency scenarios. They work with emergency and disaster response...

Pro Choice America

| 05.04.22

NARAL, the political and grassroots arm of the pro-choice movement, organized the March for Women’s Lives on Washington, D.C., on, April 25, 2004. We designed and built a structure to visually represent both the march’s massive turnout and it...

Visualizing Obamacare

| 01.13.21

ACA 411 was a deceptively simple interface into a rich dataset that covers everything from how many people are uninsured in the San Joaquin Valley (18.1%) to how much a small firm pays for health insurance per person ($7,379). ACA 411 covers more ...

UCSF Health Atlas

| 06.29.20

Background A team from UCSF School of Medicine Dean’s Office of Population Health and Health Equity, led by Dr. Debby Oh, hired us to build an online tool to help researchers explore how our environment influences our health at a local ...

California Health Care Foundation

| 06.25.20

In late September of 2011 we published some work with the California Health Care Foundation, mapping variations in Elective Procedure Rates across the state. In English, this means we looked at how likely people are to do things like have t...