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Matt Jones on Data as Seductive Material

Dopplr co-founder, blogger and all-around smartie (as well as Stamen advisor and pal) Matt Jones has posted a talk he gave as part of Umeå Institute of Design’s Spring Summit 2009. It’s chock full of interesting material, includingsome Stamen projects, as well as the Archimedes Palimpsest, Kevin Kelly’s Quantified Self, data patinas, Bruce Sterling’s keyboard, Radiohead’s House of Cards, and Adam Greenfield’s Everyware, and a part of me wishes I had written this instead of him (cause I think it’s really good! and I could only get so far as to talk about the intersection of analysis and spectacle), so here it is:

Data as Seductive Material, Spring Summit, Umeå March09

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Published: 04.04.09
Updated: 12.08.21

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