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Dreamy, aspirational cartography with Spherical

Kelsey Taylor | 08.10.23

Earlier this year, Stamen collaborated to design a custom branded basemap with our friends at Spherical, a creative technology design and integrative research studio supporting projects regenerating the health and integrity of Earth’s living systems. In partnership with ARLA, Spherical supports community workshop facilitators with their Living Infrastructure Field Kit, a space to explore the...

How we use collaborative design software to collaborate on more than just design

Kelsey Taylor | 03.23.23

If you had the opportunity to visit the Stamen studio during our twenty-year reign at the corner of 16th and Mission you’ve probably noticed how integral collaboration is to the fabric of our business. Project teams huddled in a meeting room, whiteboard sketches happening in another, spontaneous hallway conversations, or our daily meals together around...

Visualizing critical disaster data with ReadyMapper

Kelsey Taylor | 03.08.23

With climate-related natural disasters on the rise, it has become increasingly obvious that we lack the tools to provide useful information as crises unfold—the venn diagram of crucial data and real-time communication has painfully little overlap. Since early 2022, Stamen has had the pleasure of working with CrisisReady and Direct Relief to create ReadyMapper, an...

Visualize a cross section of your map with Chartographer

Kelsey Taylor | 08.16.22

At Stamen, we work with clients to improve their interactive cartography experience, frequently building full basemap solutions for large corporations who have very specific needs and exacting standards. Doing so means wrangling complex global data into beautiful, performant maps, controlled by elegantly written stylesheets. Most web maps have a near-endless amount of detail that can...