PLN8 Ep. 5- Christina Conklin & The Atlas of Disappearing Places

Ross Thorn | 04.14.22

Time. Space. Salt. No, these aren't a new take on necessary elements for cooking a delicious meal. They are some of the core themes that artist and author Christina Conklin explores in her work. Whether it's patiently waiting for saltwater to evaporate and form intricate patterns on a concrete floor or painting maps of climate change data on dried sea lettuce, she is inspired by the ocean and all the elements and organisms within it. In this episode, Christina discusses her book The Atlas of Disappearing Places and the beautifully painted maps that accompany insightful and thoroughly-researched stories that elucidate the intimate connectivity between humans, the ocean, and the planet we all call home.

Working & Designing with Spatial Data

Ian Johnson | 10.13.16

Late this summer, 10 people gathered at Stamen Design’s studios to learn how to design and work with geospatial data on the web. What we set out to do We all set aside 4 hours of a Sunday afternoon to get a hands-on introduction to the leading tools for web based mapping visualization. With a repo full...

An ode to d3.js projections

Ian Johnson | 05.30.16

When it comes to making maps online there are many tools available, but they all have one thing in common: Geographic coordinates go in and a two-dimensional image comes out. Converting from geographic coordinates (longitude,latitude) to pixel coordinates is accomplished via a map projection. Most of the tools made for online map making focus on facilitating the navigation...