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Mapping Historical New York with dot density maps

Eric Brelsford | 03.03.22

In 2021 Stamen had the pleasure of working on Mapping Historical New York with Columbia University’s Center for Spatial Research. The Center came to the table with a large and unique dataset of historical census data for the areas that are now Manhattan and Brooklyn dating back to 1850. Part of what is special about...

Introducing Scale-a-Tron

Eric Brelsford | 04.22.21

By Eric Brelsford and Alan McConchie It’s hard to believe that it was only one a month ago when the Ever Given container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal. As cartographers, one of our favorite memes from the Ever Given era was the Ever Given Ever Ywhere tool built by Garrett Dash Nelson, that...

Introducing the Ground Control Point interface

Eric Brelsford | 06.28.18

Sure, your drone can take videos and photos from above, but while you’re taking those photos why not turn them into something mappy? OpenDroneMap is an open source toolkit that can help you do that. It takes aerial imagery such as that created with your drone and turns it into several other types of data,...