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The fire this time, from San Francisco

Sunrise through the smoke from Eve’s apartment

Things have been pretty grim around here. The fires north of San Francisco have been just devastating for so many people.

It’s intensely personal for the people who work here at Stamen, particularly those of us with deep roots in that part of the world. So many of Nicolette’s childhood touchstones are there that she made a map just to track what was going on:

Nicolette’s map of the fire

Nicolette’s mom’s house in Santa Rosa, on Monday

Here are some views from Alec’s house across the Bay:

Top: sunset through a spotting scope / Bottom: Mount Tam obscured by smoke

Two successive sunsets from the studio. Top: Thursday afternoon / Bottom: Friday evening

It’s basically impossible to work or live without thinking about the fire. The sunlight coming through the windows is red at high noon from the smoke. It’s terrifying to even be close to that devastation and our hearts are with our friends and neighbors.

We’re working with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District on a new project about air quality , and they pointed us at a great tool by the US Forest Service AirFire Research Team called BlueSky Daily Run, a visualization of results from a wide array of daily smoke model prediction runs. It’s been pretty incredible to see the extent of the smoke; basically the whole state of California is being affected.

SFGate is keeping a running list of data on the fires and how you can help. Good luck to us all.

Published: 10.14.17
Updated: 09.20.22

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