Surging Seas 2

Stamen worked with Climate Central and New American Media to develop visualizations of the impact of rising sea levels to coastal residents, infrastructure, and property.

These project combines census data with elevational projections to create an interactive map of impact for various future scenarios. Individual locales can be seen in high resolution to show specific impact to a small area, or regions can viewed to identify districts within a region that are under threat of future inundation. The data can be then be isolated to analyse more specific impacts and vulnerabilities within a jurisdiction.

Climate Central has pinpointed Stamen’s Surging Seas project as giving them unprecedented access to media and partnerships. The interface is being used as a tool by countless organizations for climate change education throughout the country. The Surging Seas site has had, to-date, approximately 11 million visits. As a direct result of this work, Climate Central has developed partnerships nationwide, including with the CLEO Institute in Florida and a nationwide partnership for climate change initiatives with the NAACP.

The Surging Seas site has resulted in over 700 media mentions, including in National Geographic, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and New Republic.