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The charismatic megafauna of climate change maps

Damon Burgett | 04.27.23

In the latest episode of the Stamen Pollinate podcast, Stephanie May talked with cartographer Jeffrey Linn about his fascinating series of sea level rise maps and about the concept of “speculative cartography”. Maps that show familiar coastal cities flooded by water are viscerally terrifying and visually compelling, but as cartographers we often struggle with the...

Making a snappy raster map with shaders

Damon Burgett | 04.18.23

One of the exciting aspects of working at Stamen Design is that we work with all kinds of data. Not only do we get to explore what story the data is telling us, but we also get to explore how to tell it from a technical perspective. A challenging data type for web mapping are...

Weaving together plants and people: developing a touchscreen installation for the Exploratorium

Damon Burgett | 04.04.23

¡Plantásticas! is now open at the Exploratorium! This exhibit introduces visitors to the world of plants through a diversity of perspectives, and features an installation by Stamen design. The Exploratorium came to Stamen with two rich sets of data: the lived experience of plants through the eyes of Latinx and Indigenous communities, and high resolution...

Stamen + MapLibre

Damon Burgett | 11.01.22

We are happy to share that we have begun work on improving MapLibre Native with technical leadership by Wet Dog Weather and funding from AWS. MapLibre Native is an Open Source SDK for rendering maps on mobile and other devices. We at Stamen rely on map renderers to display the beautiful maps we create for...

Make your own globe-spanning Jack-o’-lantern

Damon Burgett | 10.31.22

Look at this fun thing. You can carve a pumpkin on the globe! I can’t believe it. Isn’t it fun? It is. I am fun.Here are a few more. If you want to be fun too, try it at stamen.github.io/pumpkin. Also what is fun is that your carving is stored in the page URL.  If...

More ways to make your maps go Dark Mode

Damon Burgett | 09.16.22

The other day at Stamen we were talking about a recent post by esri’s John Nelson called “Create a Light or Dark Version of Any Map in Two Seconds” using ArcGIS Online Map Viewer. So of course we were wondering how we could do the same for Mapbox GL styles. We often have to design...