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How the Vast Spectrum of Data Fuels Your Data Visualization Project

One of the biggest myths about data visualization is that you have to have the “right” kind of data to tell compelling visual stories. 

But, when data visualization only focuses on leveraging numerical facts, it becomes inherently limiting in ways that science, research and discovery were never meant to be. 

There’s a better way. 

Researchers and data visualization experts who explore data concepts through visual thinking are able to make the advancements in scientific communication and discovery our world most needs today.

This eBook examines a new spectrum of data visualization and illuminates how meaningful projects can emerge from aspirational abstract concepts or from definitive numbers, and everything else in between. 

You’ll discover how:

  • Exploring a broader landscape of data and ideas reimagines dataviz possibilities
  • New levels of visual thinking are expanding vital scientific work
  • Data artists and researchers are impacting their communities and the world
  • And more!

No matter where you are in your dataviz journey, it’s time to begin sharing your work.

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Published: 02.03.23
Updated: 02.10.23

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