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MTV Movie Awards 2010

We paid a visit to the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles this past weekend, where Eric, Sha and I spent the weekend producing and supporting an on-line/on-air visualization of live Twitter traffic about the stars and movies featured in the show. This was the most recent high-profile use of our recently-launched Eddy platform, and we were thrilled to see it all perform like a champ!

Over the course of the event, we saw approximately 528,000 tweets during the East Coast broadcast, and almost 1 million covering both broadcasts and the resulting conversation through Monday morning. Traffic peaked at almost 5,500 tweets per minute at 9:30pm EDT during the Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez dance performance. Sandra Bullock alone saw 2,800 tweets per minute at 10:06pm EDT. 11,100 tweets were sent directly from the application itself. Read more about this project at media.twitter.com, TechCrunch, Flowing Data, Mashable, and Social Nerdia.

View the project live at tweettracker.mtv.com, or check out this dynamic summary streamgraph of the Twitter traffic for the East Coast broadcast:

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