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Our next Data Visualization Foundations class will be this November!

Visualizing population by country using circles on a map!

Enrollment is now open for Stamen’s next Data Visualization Foundations class, scheduled for November of this year at Stamen Design. This hands-on class, which we developed with dataviz expert Curran Kelleher (author of the online platform for teaching & learning data visualization will teach you the fundamentals of visual communication with complex information. It’s well-suited for beginner-to-intermediate practitioners and anyone who wants to develop more dataviz literacy.

The class will take place over the weekend of November 16th and 17th, 2019, in-person at the Stamen offices in San Francisco. Sign up now, before spots fill up!

June 2019 Data Visualization Foundations Class

Hey students! This is a reminder that our classes are half-price for full-time university students. It always makes sense to supplement to your college studies with some hands-on experience using the cutting-edge tools of the trade!

So if you or your company wants to present data effectively using data visualization, needs in-depth background knowledge about the art and science of data visualization, or needs to acquire data visualization literacy, this event is for you! These are small, intimate, hands-on sessions in a studio focused on data visualization, not formal lectures in a big theater. Come, bring your data and your ideas, and you will experience custom-tailored delivery and selected content emphasis based on your individual needs.

Wait no longer, take use of this great opportunity and follow the link below to register now!

Data Visualization Foundations, November 16 & 17!

If you’d like to be notified of future Stamen data visualization or cartography classes, sign up for our announcement list.

Published: 10.04.19
Updated: 09.20.22

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