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Announcing PLN8 – A new podcast by Stamen

We’re thrilled to announce our very own podcast called Pollinate!

Here at Stamen, we love talking about design. Whether it’s discussing cartographic decisions in one of our many blog posts or showing off some of our client work on Twitter, we’re always musing about good visualizations.

In fact, we love chatting about it so much that we have a very serious weekly meeting dedicated to demonstrating completed projects and gathering feedback for works-in-progress. These calls are rigorously documented by Katie Kowalsky in collages like this one:

I can’t stress enough the seriousness of our show and tell calls.

If you’re feeling jealous for not sitting in on the calls, we can’t blame you. Memes aside, it’s conversations like these that keep us connected and help us view our work in new and interesting ways. With Pollinate, we want to invite you into the conversation.

Every episode will feature a host talking with a designer, cartographer, or anyone that makes something cool. We’ll talk about their experiences and background along with some projects and concepts that really blow our minds.

So join us every month on Pollina—wait hold on…

I’m getting word that we’re altering our image a bit…

In an effort to be edgy and hip—and for better potential for cool merch in the future—we’re dropping titlecase and vowels from the podcast name. And also adding a number, I guess?

So those logo mockups weren’t a joke?

Well, here goes nothing…

Join us every month for new episodes of PLN8, a new podcast about data, design, and the people that bring them to life!

Our first episode is dropping Thursday, December 9th on your favorite podcast platform. We’re proud of the effort that has gone into this and hope to grow and blossom in this new medium. We’ll be kicking things off with a few of Stamen’s own innovators and are excited to branch out and highlight other great folks we admire.

We’d love it if you could help us spread the word! If you’d like to connect or want to shoot us any feedback, feel free to tweet or email us.

Published: 12.02.21
Updated: 10.16.22

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