Field Papers by MaptimeLA

A New Home for Field Papers

| 03.28.23

By Jess Beutler (OpenStreetMap US) and Alan McConchie (Stamen Design)  OpenStreetMap US is excited to announce the adoption of Field Papers into the suite of tools we support for the larger OSM community. Over the course of 2023, Stamen and OpenStreetMap US will be working together on this transition and develop a plan for sustainable...

Announcing the Inaugural OSM Oscars!

| 02.21.23

At Stamen, we love OpenStreetmap. I mean we REALLY love it. We’ve used it in several of our mapping projects. We want to share our enthusiasm for OSM and continue to foster a culture of map knowledge-sharing and collaboration. And with that… We are pleased to announce the first ever OpenStreetMap Oscar awards! While awards...