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PLN8 Ep 10- Heather Krause and Data Equity 101

Catherine Madden | 09.08.22

Quantitative data can help us understand what is going on in the world in a way that cuts through human error, bias, and injustice…right? Wrong. Heather Krause is a trained mathematical statistician and data scientist who founded We All Count, which aims to align quantitative work with equity values. We had a fascinating discussion for...

PLN8 Ep. 8- Carissa Carter & The Secret Language of Maps

Catherine Madden | 07.14.22

What is a map, even? A cartographer might answer that question with a focus on the geospatial, whereas an information designer might focus on the conceptual. In this episode, author Carissa Carter offers a definition of “map” in her new book The Secret Language of Maps that is somehow broad and very specific at the...

PLN8 Ep. 6- Shirley Wu & Charting Your Own Way

Catherine Madden | 05.12.22

Shirley Wu began creating data visualization for the web shortly after the initial release of D3.js in 2012. She fell in love with the technology after realizing it offered her a way to combine math and art, her two greatest childhood fascinations. After making her way through the steep learning curve with help from the...