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Visualizing Japanese American Confinement with Densho

Back in 2021, Stamen began working with Densho, a nonprofit committed to documenting the oral histories of Japanese Americans who were incarcerated on American soil during WWII. Together, we worked to tell the stories of the 125,000 imprisoned individuals through a map-based visualization called Sites of Shame

View of Sites of Shame website showing the internment camp at Fort Lincoln in Bismarck, North Dakota
Sites of Shame allows users to explore and understand the systematic incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.

In 2023, we collaborated again to develop Manzanar CloseUp, an in-depth view of daily life at the Manzanar Concentration Camp in California. Using this tool, you can learn more about day-to-day life at Manzanar, including specifics about its inmates, key events, and much more. 

View of Manzanar CloseUp showing individuals styled by marital status who were present in the camp in February 1944
Manzanar CloseUp highlights individuals at the Manzanar concentration camp and provides details about events at the camp throughout its existence.

We look forward to sharing more about the details of this work from both a design and development perspective in the new year. Until then, check out the Manzanar CloseUp Lunch & Learn webinar Densho held earlier this month announcing the tool’s release.

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