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Cartographers Play Video Games – A Review of the Map in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

At Stamen, our appreciation and opinions of maps go beyond just our professional work here and often bleed over into our personal interests as well. Our eye for interactivity, color palettes, contour lines, and labels doesn’t stop once we log off at the end of the day. As we covered in a previous post by...

Make your own globe-spanning Jack-o’-lantern

Look at this fun thing. You can carve a pumpkin on the globe! I can’t believe it. Isn’t it fun? It is. I am fun.Here are a few more. If you want to be fun too, try it at Also what is fun is that your carving is stored in the page URL.  If...

Pollinate Ep. 7- Ross Thorn & The Realm of Playful Maps

| 06.09.22

In the “real world” a map is typically used to achieve a very practical goal more efficiently. But what happens when you enter a world in another realm? A world of pretend and imagination, devoid of the constraints of typical cartography? Well then you transcend the confines of practical maps and enter the delightful land...

Cartographers Play Video Games – A Review of the Map in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has been the buzz of the gaming world since its release in late February. As the latest title by From Software, it’s the studio’s first foray into an open-world role-playing concept for their extremely popular and infamously difficult games (typically referred to as Souls or Soulsborne games from two notable games in their catalog, Dark Souls and Bloodborne). It’s also the first of these games to include a map, which really excites us at a cartographer studio with some avid gamers.