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PLN8 Ep. 3- Dan Miller, Eric Brelsford & Mapping Historical New York City

Nicolette Hayes | 02.10.22

This episode of Pollinate introduces some of our recent client work with Columbia University's Center for Spatial Research. A conversation between three members of the project team provides a deep dive into the ins and outs of using modern technology to create a historical experience centered around 100+ year old data. Dan Miller worked with Stamen’s Nicolette Hayes and Eric Brelsford to turn New York City census data from 1850, 1880 and 1910 into a fully explorable interface with enough curation and guidance to tell some meaningful stories.

Environmental Data Visualization: Many Dimensions of Lake Tahoe

Nicolette Hayes | 01.21.20

To some, Lake Tahoe represents the quintessential winter wonderland — a playground of powdery snow and stunning vistas. Others think of those famously blue waters from a different recreational perspective: a place to sail, swim, and even surf. And still others think of the 2 million year old lake as the ecological treasure lying at the heart...

Embracing the Abstract in Visualized Data

Nicolette Hayes | 07.27.16

Getting design feedback from the Dalai Lama Or Tangifying the Intangible Just over a year ago I showed up to my first day as a designer at Stamen Design and was asked to distill 30 years of scientific knowledge about human emotion into an interactive visualization that would be presented to the Dalai Lama in...