Shadows on maps are getting a lot more exciting, and here’s why

| 09.16.22

As cartographers, we want to make beautiful maps that grab our readers’ attention. Sometimes we wish our maps could jump out of the screen or off the page, and with a recent trend in cartography we’re starting to see more and more maps that seem to do just that.  New technology combined with high-resolution elevation...

More ways to make your maps go Dark Mode

The other day at Stamen we were talking about a recent post by esri’s John Nelson called “Create a Light or Dark Version of Any Map in Two Seconds” using ArcGIS Online Map Viewer. So of course we were wondering how we could do the same for Mapbox GL styles. We often have to design...

PLN8 Ep 10- Heather Krause and Data Equity 101

| 09.08.22

Quantitative data can help us understand what is going on in the world in a way that cuts through human error, bias, and injustice…right? Wrong. Heather Krause is a trained mathematical statistician and data scientist who founded We All Count, which aims to align quantitative work with equity values. We had a fascinating discussion for...

PLN8 Ep. 9- James Cheshire, Oliver Uberti & The Atlas of the Invisible

| 08.17.22

An atlas is a guide to the world around us, perhaps most commonly seen as a collection of road maps to help one navigate across a country. But there are hidden patterns and phenomena that exist outside of what we see in the physical world. In this episode, authors James Cheshire and Oliver Uberti pull...

Visualize a cross section of your map with Chartographer

| 08.16.22

At Stamen, we work with clients to improve their interactive cartography experience, frequently building full basemap solutions for large corporations who have very specific needs and exacting standards. Doing so means wrangling complex global data into beautiful, performant maps, controlled by elegantly written stylesheets. Most web maps have a near-endless amount of detail that can...

PLN8 Ep. 8- Carissa Carter & The Secret Language of Maps

| 07.14.22

What is a map, even? A cartographer might answer that question with a focus on the geospatial, whereas an information designer might focus on the conceptual. In this episode, author Carissa Carter offers a definition of “map” in her new book The Secret Language of Maps that is somehow broad and very specific at the...

PLN8 Ep. 6- Shirley Wu & Charting Your Own Way

| 05.12.22

Shirley Wu began creating data visualization for the web shortly after the initial release of D3.js in 2012. She fell in love with the technology after realizing it offered her a way to combine math and art, her two greatest childhood fascinations. After making her way through the steep learning curve with help from the...

PLN8 Ep. 5- Christina Conklin & The Atlas of Disappearing Places

| 04.14.22

Time. Space. Salt. No, these aren't a new take on necessary elements for cooking a delicious meal. They are some of the core themes that artist and author Christina Conklin explores in her work. Whether it's patiently waiting for saltwater to evaporate and form intricate patterns on a concrete floor or painting maps of climate change data on dried sea lettuce, she is inspired by the ocean and all the elements and organisms within it. In this episode, Christina discusses her book The Atlas of Disappearing Places and the beautifully painted maps that accompany insightful and thoroughly-researched stories that elucidate the intimate connectivity between humans, the ocean, and the planet we all call home.

Cartographers Play Video Games: A Review of the Map in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has been the buzz of the gaming world since its release in late February. As the latest title by From Software, it’s the studio’s first foray into an open-world role-playing concept for their extremely popular and infamously difficult games (typically referred to as Souls or Soulsborne games from two notable games in their catalog, Dark Souls and Bloodborne). It’s also the first of these games to include a map, which really excites us at a cartographer studio with some avid gamers.

PLN8 Ep. 4- Alan McConchie & The Maps Underneath

| 03.10.22

Like any good product, a basemap is something most people don’t notice when it’s well-designed. Typically providing context beneath a navigation route or other geographic data, the basemap is arguably the most widely-consumed type of map in modern cartography. However, today’s average map user might tilt their head when they hear the term “basemap” for...